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Garbage disposals are typically made of aluminum or stainless steel. Aluminum models are less expensive but leak or corrode more easily. If your home has a septic system, check to see which garbage disposal is compatible.
Aside from the material, garbage disposals typically fall into one of two categories: continuous or batch feed. Understanding the difference can help you determine which type to install in your home.

Continuous garbage disposals

These disposals are typically cheaper than batch feed models. They’re easy to operate – simply run the water and flip a switch. The blades can easily get damaged and may require repair.

Batch feed garbage disposals:

These models cost a bit more upfront, but they tend to be safer than continuous disposals. Batch feed disposals are activated with a stopper in the sink drain rather than by a switch. They aren’t recommended in households with a significant amount of food waste.

Not sure which type of garbage disposal to install? Give us a call and let us help you choose the right unit and provide seamless garbage disposal installation.


Garbage disposals are the ultimate time-saver when it comes to washing dishes. But even these trash eaters can get bogged down from time to time. If you think your garbage disposal isn’t running like it used to or if it has stopped working completely, give us a call and we will take care of it. Here are some leading causes of garbage disposal issues that you could be experiencing.

  • Jams and clogs: Garbage disposals can eat a lot, but it can’t eat everything. High fiber foods like corn husks and raw carrots can cause problems, as well as liquid grease and chicken bones. Other times, flatware or non-food items accidentally fall into the disposal. Our professional can fix this problem by loosening the disposal and manually moving the masher plate to free any offending objects.
  • Lack of power: The wires in your system could have worked loose or been connected poorly. Our professionals can easily assess this problem and make the necessary changes to get it running again.
  • Noisy or leaking disposal: These are common issues that are typically fixed by tightening up screws, gaskets, and other components that have vibrated loose. If the situation is more severe, our professional will troubleshoot your disposal system to locate other problem areas.

Blessings Plumbing has the repair options and extra parts to get your garbage disposal working as good as new again.


As a vital part of your after-meal cleanup, it’s important to keep your garbage disposal working efficiently and safely. There are several issues that most commonly affect these appliances. These issues include:

  • The blades in the disposal can become jammed if too much waste or hard items like bones or shells are inserted. To avoid this problem, it’s best to dispose of small amounts of organic waste at a time and avoid putting harder items in the unit at all.
  • Faulty seals, O-rings, or other issues can all cause the unit to leak. While a jam may eventually fix itself, a leak needs to be fixed by a professional, or else you risk damaging your sink or counter.
  • Due to the sharp blades inside the disposal, if the unit simply won’t turn on, we recommend calling a professional to fix it. Without knowing the actual problem, putting your hand near the blades can lead to unpredictable results. It’s always safer to trust an expert.


The most common reason to replace your faucet is if it’s beginning to show signs of irreparable wear and tear. Over time, the faucet can wear out and begin to leak. When this happens, you run the risk of experiencing mold or mildew on your counter. A leaking faucet can also cause water to spill down over your sink and into your counter, potentially causing rot and structural damage to the area.

Homeowners most often choose to replace their sinks due to design purposes or to update the look of the kitchen. A broken seal flange is also a good reason to replace the sink.



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