These plumbing emergencies are most often caused by freezing water in your pipes. When the water in a pipe freezes, it expands, putting a great amount of pressure on the pipe wall. Eventually, the pipe can no longer take the pressure and a rupture occurs.

Other causes for burst pipes include rupturing from built-up pressure from a clogged drain or toilet, making it vital to keep your drains cleaned and deal with blockages promptly. Another cause for ruptures is pipes that are corroded or have weak, thin spots. This issue is made worse by the use of chemical drain cleaners that are damaging to the system.


We are here to help you notice the hints of a piping system that is at risk of bursting. That way, you can take the steps necessary to avoid it. Some signs which point to a possible burst pipe in the near future include water leaks, low water pressure, and old pipes. Also, watch out for:


      • Freezing temperatures: When water freezes, it expands and that is exactly what you do not want to happen inside a pipe. The ice can weaken or even break your pipe from the inside out. Ensuring your pipes are properly insulated is key in cold weather–heat wraps or even keeping a constant flow of water, like trickling your sink through an unusually cold night, could save you from frozen pipes.
      • Major clogs: Debris can get stuck in your pipes and obstructs water flow. This builds pressure in the line and can lead to a burst. If your water pressure drops or you have recurring clogs, you should call a professional.
      • Old pipes: Piping materials have come a long way, and older pipes don’t last as long as newer ones do. Pipes corrode, crack, and eventually burst over years of wear and tear. Check for leaks and have your pipes professionally inspected for a comprehensive check on the health of your system.
      • Changing ground: Any change in the earth around your pipes can harm them, from tree roots, construction, or a shift in the earth. Before you dig, locate your pipes to save time and money.


There are several simple steps you can take to protect your pipes from rupturing or bursting. Some of these steps include:


      • Cover your pipes with pipe insulation. This material can be purchased from any hardware store and easily slides over your pipes. Install this insulation on any pipes that could be exposed to cold air to prevent bursts.
      • Sealing cracks in your home will also prevent cold air from entering in the first place. Even the tiniest of cracks can let in enough cold air to freeze a pipe in winter.
      • If you experience a clog, have it repaired right away. Don’t wait until the pressure from the clog builds up enough to cause an even bigger problem.
      • Do not use chemical drain cleaners; they only damage your pipes.


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