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Virginia Beach Sump Pump Repair

Protect your basement or crawlspace from water damage and flooding by installing a sump pump. Call the experts at Blessings Plumbing at (757) 425-7790 for more information on our sump pump repair and installation services.

If you live in a low-lying area, or in a place that gets lots of rainfall, a sump pump is an ideal device to protect your home from water damage. In Virginia Beach, VA, homeowners trust the team at Blessings Plumbing for all their sump pump needs.

Common Sump Pump Problems

These units are vital in protecting your home from water damage and flooding. There are several issues that most commonly affect sump pumps. They include:

  • If the unit is rarely used, or only used in emergency situations, it can seize. To check if your unit is seized, try pouring a bucket of water in the tank to activate the pump. If nothing happens, the unit is most likely seized and will require professional service.
  • One of the most common problems we see is an incorrectly sized unit. When installing your sump pump it’s important to consider the area and amount of water that needs to be pumped away and decide on a model based on these factors.
  • In many cases, a power outage will come hand in hand with rain, snow, or flooding. Make sure your home is protected with a battery backup for your sump pump. These backups will keep you protected even if the power goes out.

Types of Units

There are two main types of sump pumps available to homeowners. Each type has different benefits:

Submersible Unit

  • Can be fully submerged in water without damage
  • The perfect option for homes that rely on the device to regularly pump water away

Pedestal Pump

  • The pump sits on a pedestal above the tank and cannot be submerged in water
  • Pumps water at a slower rate per minute, which makes it a good choice for homes that only need a sump pump for prevention

Why Choose Blessings Plumbing

When you call Blessings Plumbing for professional plumbing service, you can expect expert craftsmanship in addition to these standard features on every call:

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: We are so confident that you will be impressed with us, we can guarantee it!

Price Guarantee: The price agreed upon before work starts is the price you pay once it’s done. No unpleasant surprises.

Green Thinking: We recycle and only work with companies and materials that share our environmentally friendly values.

Respect: We treat your property like it’s our own.

Make sure your sump pump doesn't let you down with expert sump pump repair and installation services in Virginia Beach, VA. Call our team at (757) 425-7790 to test the unit and make sure it has you covered in an emergency. 


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