Expert Tips for DIY Toilet Repair: When to Call the Professionals
Overflowing Toilet

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3 Signs You Need a Professional Plumber 

August 15th, 2023

By: Craig Blessing

There are many plumbing repairs and improvements that make sense for savvy homeowners to DIY, especially with resources like YouTube and TikTok available to help! Clearing a drain, tightening a faucet, or perhaps replacing a seal can be straightforward and often doesn’t require expensive tools or lengthy research. DIY plumbing repairs can head down the tubes quickly, though, and even experienced do-it-yourselfers can find themselves underwater. Blessings Plumbing is here to help with all of your repair needs. 

Plumbing repairs, specifically toilet repairs, are often needed at the most inopportune times. They can even cause hidden damage if not addressed properly. Here are 3 signs that it’s time to pause the DIY and call Blessings Plumbing:

Your toilet is overflowing. 

Unfortunately, overflowing toilets are bound to happen. Often it’s an easy fix, but it can sometimes be the symptom of a larger problem. Step one if your toilet is overflowing is to turn off the water. Most toilets have a shut off valve directly beneath the bowl near the wall or along the left hand side. 

An overflowing toilet immediately after a flush is likely caused by a blockage. These can frequently be alleviated with a plunger. However, if the plunger does not clear the block in a few moments, you should discontinue use as continuing to plunge may cause damage to your toilet or your plumbing. 

If your toilet begins overflowing without an identifiable cause, it may be due to a blockage in the drain pipe or even in the sewer line. This means that an overflow could be caused from shower or dishwasher use. In this case, you should turn off the water and call Blessings to check out your drainage and sewage lines in order to prevent potential damage. 

Homes with septic tanks can experience overflowing toilets for a number of reasons, including a backflow when the septic tank is full. If you have a septic tank, it’s best to call the professionals sooner rather than later to perform maintenance and keep your system operating smoothly. 

Your house begins to smell 

Unlike an overflowing toilet, not all toilet repairs make themselves known visually. A clog, blockage, or leak can create issues hidden in the structure of your home. This can lead to unpleasant smells, especially if they are dealing with what is known as black water lines. 

If your house is smelling like sewage, it may be a simple fix of properly venting drain pipes. It could also be that a clog is just out of reach with a plunger, but is large enough that it’s creating a backup and not properly draining and allowing gasses to vacate. 

Trying to DIY your way out of this one may cause more damage, and we definitely recommend calling a professional for assistance. We recommend that you walk your property to see if the smell is isolated inside the house or is present in your yard and check any drains that may be on your property. 

Your toilet won’t stop flowing

A toilet continuing to run even hours after its last use can be a sign of a few problems, but most likely there is a seal in need of attention. This is a frequent DIY project for handy homeowners – seals can be found at local hardware stores and usually straightforward to replace. 

There are circumstances where it is difficult to locate the proper seal, the toilet requires a costly tool to install the new seal, or there’s a larger issue at play. If you are experiencing these hurdles (and are aware of your water bill being impacted by the extra water use), be sure to have your toilet and system checked by a professional to give you peace of mind and a quiet bathroom. 

If you’re in need of a toilet repair that you can’t DIY your way out of, be sure to give a professional plumber a call to limit potential damage. We are proud to offer first class plumbing services in the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Portsmouth areas of Virginia. Our team of professional plumbers are experts in all residential and business plumbing needs. We offer 24-hour emergency service with fair and upfront pricing to protect your home. Call us at (757) 425-7790 for more information.